Eye Allergies

Got Eye Allergies? It's Time to Treat Them

Eye allergies are annoying. The itching, the blurry vision, the dry eyes that make seeing almost painful are enough to make you want to keep your eyes closed for weeks as allergy season plays out. You don't have to go that far, however, because eye allergies are treatable. No matter the symptoms, and no matter the allergen, there is a way for you to find relief. A visit to an optometry office like Erie Optical in Mentor, OH, is all you need to start.


Identify and Treat the Allergy

Successfully treating eye allergies requires a few steps. You need to identify the allergen and do what you can to avoid it (this is often easier said than done as the allergen can be something really common like grass pollen), you need to treat the symptoms, and you need to see if there is a way to prevent the symptoms from occurring in the first place if you can't avoid the allergen.

You may need to undergo an allergen test to determine the exact culprit. If your reactions are clear when you encounter certain substances, it's still a good idea to undergo the test, but you can take steps to avoid the allergen immediately. Keep your home clean, and remove from your room anything that could aggravate the allergy. For example, if you're allergic to your housemate's cat, do not let the cat in your room, and keep the rest of the house as clean as possible so that dander isn't floating around.

Treating allergy symptoms varies. If the symptoms occur in your eyes, you'll likely need eye drops. There are different types, and you could need prescription-strength eye drops instead of ones you can buy over the counter. Whichever type you need, the drops will soothe the irritating symptoms of eye allergies. If the drops are medicated and act as antihistamines (as opposed to plain "artificial tears" eye drops), those could help even more. The optometrist can help you find the right treatments to make your eyes feel better quickly.

Call an Optometrist Now for Help with Eye Allergies

Even if you've had these allergies on and off for years and have resigned yourself to just waiting out the season, you can ask about new treatments that might make life a lot easier for you. Contact Erie Optical in Mentor, OH, at 440-255-7727 and set up an appointment.


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