Eye & Vision Exams

Eye Exams

If you or your child has passed a vision screening, you might think that your eyesight is fine with no need for concern, but you could be missing some serious eye problems. Vision screenings are very basic and usually only check visual acuity, just to find out if there is cause for concern with your eyesight. At Erie Optical, our comprehensive eye exams include tests for multiple eye issues and are keyed toward the age of the patient. Correcting your vision is an important first step toward eye health, but it's only the first step of many.

Children's vs. Adult's Examinations

If your child's school lets you know that your child didn't pass a vision screening, that's an important first step. The next step is to bring your child in for a comprehensive exam to confirm the school's findings and determine if and what treatment is necessary for good vision and eye health. Once in our office, we'll do a thorough examination to find out how much correction is needed for normal eyesight. We'll also do tests to see how well the eyes work together, eye-tracking ability, whether one eye is working harder than the other, and other tests to determine the general physical condition of the eyes.

With adult eye exams, we are more concerned with the growing possibility of eye disease, especially for patients over the age of 40. Adults this age should come in for an examination at least every two years and perhaps yearly depending on your individual situation. We'll check your visual acuity, and also do tests to rule out certain common eye diseases such as:

  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Macular degeneration

Why Get Routine Exams?

Many of our patients with eye diseases are surprised with the diagnosis. They can go for months or years without displaying any symptoms. The key to stopping or delaying the disease from progressing is to diagnose it early and start treating it right away. Sometimes making lifestyle and dietary changes can help to stabilize the condition. If you wait until your eyesight has been affected, you could suffer permanent damage that doesn't need to happen. The sooner we can start treating your eye disease, the better chance you have of delaying or even preventing permanent damage to your eyesight.

Looking for an Optometrist in Mentor, OH?

Regular eye examinations are crucial to your vision throughout your life. If you or your children haven't had your eyes examined for at least a year, it's time to come in and have them checked. Dr. Robert Waldman has been treating patients in Lake County for over 40 years. His staff is committed to providing you with professional and knowledgeable service in a caring environment. Give our office a call at 440-255-7727 to schedule an appointment today.


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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I have been going here for 25 years. Each visit, Dr. Waksman and his staff go above and beyond for their clients. I always recommend Erie Optical! Excellent variety of frames as well."
    Christine Rowles (Local Guide) via Google
  • "Dr. Waldman is outstanding! He's professional, detail oriented and passionate about keeping eyes healthy. I've been a customer for over 25 years and highly recommend Erie Optical."
    Mindy Baierl via Google
  • "The services are excellent from start to finish. The Doctor & his Staff takes the necessary time to answer all your questions. I recommend them to all my family & friends. They accept most insurance plans. Karen is my favorite!!"
    Hope Gibson via Google
  • ""I have been going to Erie Optical for 3 years now. My sister referred me to Dr. Waldman after her great experience with him and the office. We had a previous eye doctor and the experience was not good and they charged so much. So when I went to Erie Optical I was so pleased with the office and Dr. Waldman's expertise and thoroughness. I ended up referring my parents and grandmother to Erie Optical too. I will never going anywhere else!!!""
    Angela Kovacs
  • ""They are the best- Doc Waldman takes his time with you and the staff members, like Karen, Brigit, Linda do everything they can to help you look and feel good, after all, fitting glasses is not a job for everyone!!
    You can’t go wrong there and the service is the best!""